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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I know it's a bit early, but we're approaching that time of year again and I have constructed a comprehensive video playlist to help you season the... season?

Why not sit back and enjoy a multimedia experience of Halloween goodness, past and present?

Why do such a thing?

Well... I love Halloween. The cool weather, the changing leaves, the screams of masked children. Watching them as they frantically scurry door to door like rabbid zombie addicts, collecting miniature versions of the carefully designed, tasty yet poisonous confectioneries was a joy to me.

It also deeply disturbed and scared me.

The pure genius of it was startling. It was all made possible through the invocation of the seemingly innocuous, concise, sure-fire, and time-tested ultimatum, "Trick or Treat"...

"Take that Boomer!"

The three words that gave them their first addiction.

I even added a few of my own tracks free of charge.

You're welcome ;) I know... #Unselfish

Seriously though, my heart fills with warmth and excitement as autumn triggers childhood memories of playing "Ghost in the Graveyard", watching bad horror films, feats of bravery, daring each other to walk into our local "scary places", and pranking our friends and neighbors, e.g., ding dong ditching, teepeeing houses, etc.

I loved to laugh as the neighborhood parents faked tired smiles, and exchanged poorly concealed alcoholic beverages, whilst awkwardly pulling red wagons carrying smaller children who appeared to be under duress, wrestling to remove whatever bizarre and uncomfortable decorative restraint that had been affixed to them, only to have their drunken parents put them put right back on again and again.

"You must be Harry Houdini? Hahahahaha. Have some candy..."

It was truly a battle of wills and wits.

It was clearly a war no one won, but then again, nobody really lost either.

Sure, Halloween began as the Christian holiday "All Saints Day", but that's not important right now.

Instead we must celebrate by continuing to obscure the true meaning by turning the holiday into the exact opposite and then monetizing it.

Ahhh... That's better.

Worry not! Christmas is still sacred and that is what matters.

All sarcasm aside, I love Halloween despite all this "truth" and I hope you take the time, GOD KNOWS YOU HAVE IT ;) and accept this invitation to take a trip down memory lane with me.

Let’s let our proverbial hair down and get into the fun of being scared by something other than politics, racism and a pandemic.

May you enjoy this brief respite from reality by revisiting your past as well as the confusion and rolling eyes of loved one's witnessing these videos for the first time.

I hope this post finds you well.

Happy Halloween!

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